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Pokémon RPG
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Alright, welcome to the Role Playing Game's Information:

I dunno... I just suddenly decided to create this roleplay, so yeah. Anyways, pretty much this roleplay is for fun.

Alright now for the rules:

1. Please try to post at least twice a week. It's not asking much. I just don't want the community to be dead.

2. Try to stay in character as much as possible. I know that it can be hard at times, but being out of character may cause confusion among the other roleplayers.

3. Just have fun. ^^

Alright, now on the rules on how to join:(You Don't have to do this)

1. You must contact me by giving the following information:

* What character you want to roleplay as.
* A brief history about that character, this way I know if you are capable in staying in character.
* You roleplaying as that character. I don't care what that's about, just as long as you stay in character and stuff, more than likely you'll get the part, unless someone's better than you.
**If you get approved, please create a roleplay journal.

Characters Taken:
Green (female) WickedLady

Oh yeah, here's the list of characters:
Just the cast of Pokemon Special. (mean join the crew of Team Yellow or Team Emerald)
Or you can make up a character because if you take one of the Special characters you all right have a bio.

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